Task At Hand….

The task at hand is to create  packaging and material for a clothing company of my choice. My idea… a children’s vintage clothing store. I wanted to use some type of wording from the 1940’s or 1950’s in the name of the company. I toyed with the ideas of “Many Moons,” a children’s book from the 1940’s, “Rabbit Hill Boutique,” which was a children’s song in 1944, and “Buttons and Bows Boutique.” None of them seemed to do it for me. I wanted something a little more edgy that still reflected the times of the 40’s or 50’s. I started to look up slang terms used back then and came up with “Bee’s Knees,” a 50’s slang term for a “good idea.” I loved it! So, Bee’s Knees Boutique it became.

I needed the vintage theme to be communicated, so that consumers would immediately notice a vintage style that celebrated wearable vintage clothing for the little ones of today.  

I chose to incorporate a bumble bee in the logo because of the company name, and the fact that little ones are always busy “buzzing” around.

My ideas for a color palette were shades of  gray, yellow, brown, and possibly teal as an accent color.

Choosing not to download fonts, I went with the typeface Desdemona.  Even though, Desdemona has a strong Art Nouveau feel to it I found it to be detailed, casual and legible.

Vintage styles often consist of the use of geometric shapes, patterns, borders and textures. I chose an octagon shape for the tags to represent the cells of a bee’s hive, and the faint background pattern on the letterhead and business card also share the octagon theme.

Brainstorming and Mapping

Brainstorming and Mapping

Brainstorming and Mapping


Business card